Anglo-American Financial Arrangements, a Speech by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons on 13 December 1945, printed in British Speeches of the Day, Vol. III, No. 13. Winston S. Churchill.

Anglo-American Financial Arrangements, a Speech by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons on 13 December 1945, printed in British Speeches of the Day, Vol. III, No. 13

New York: British Information Services, 1946. 1st Edition. Paperback. This publication prints Churchill's 13 December 1945 speech during debate on financial arrangements between Britain and the United States, including final settlement of Lend-Lease and other war claims, as well as the proposal for an International Trade Organization. Collectors please note that this item is not found in either Cohen's or Woods' Bibliography. Though other issues of British Speeches of the Day are noted by Cohen, including No.12 of this series (Cohen E149), this particular volume was unknown.

In the debate speeches printed here, Churchill expresses, among other things, disappointment and misgivings about the interest terms extracted from the British Government by the United States. The debate over debt settlement found Churchill far from the heady days when Lend-Lease was negotiated, spurred by urgent concerns about British survival and facilitated by a uniquely close transatlantic relationship. Roosevelt was now dead. Britain's fiery spirit was extinguished by postwar penury and political impotence. And less than six months earlier Churchill had lost the Premiership to Clement Attlee when Churchill's Conservatives were soundly defeated in the General Election at the end of the war. Churchill would continue in his Leader of the Opposition role until the General Election of 1951, which returned the Conservatives to majority and Churchill to the office of Prime Minister.

This speech pamphlet is bound in wire-stitched paper wraps of the same cheap newsprint-quality paper on which the contents are printed. The pamphlet measures 9 x 6 inches, and is 85 pages in length. Condition is near-fine. The fragile paper wraps are crisp and clean with virtually no wear, though they do suffer age-toning to the cheap wartime paper. The wraps remain securely attached and the binding staples show no corrosion. The contents are crisp and clean with no spotting or inscriptions - just age-toning.

From 1943 to June 1947, British Speeches of the Day was a British Government publication by British Information Services in New York printing "those statements by British Statesmen which present, or throw light upon, the foreign and domestic policies of the British Government, whether delivered inside or outside of Parliament." A testament to the common Transatlantic democratic cause that binds the U.S. and Britain to this day, British Speeches of the Day also printed "important speeches presenting the point of view of critics of Government policy". Since Churchill was either Prime Minister or Leader of the Opposition for the entire four year printing period, his speeches figure prominently in many issues.

Due to the topical and ephemeral nature of the publication, the survival rate is low - particularly for issues preceding early 1946, which were bound in paper wraps rather than the yellow card wraps of later issues. Consequently these contemporary publications of Churchill's speeches are unknown to many collectors, as they were to the first Churchill bibliographer, Frederick Woods. The Churchill speech printed herein was subsequently printed in Winston S. Churchill His Complete Speeches, Volume VII, pp. 7274-81 under the title "Anglo-American Loan". The pamphlet is protected in a removable, archival mylar sleeve. Item #000909

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