Item #007816 Extraordinary First Editions: A compelling collection of Winston S. Churchill's first edition works. Churchill Book Collector.
Extraordinary First Editions: A compelling collection of Winston S. Churchill's first edition works

Extraordinary First Editions: A compelling collection of Winston S. Churchill's first edition works

San Diego, California: Churchill Book Collector, 2024. First edition. This item is physical, print copy of our 2024 catalogue, which is available electronically via our website. Upon placing your order you will be charged only for postage costs necessary to ship your print catalogue to you; your copy of the print catalogue itself is complimentary.

Use of the word “Extraordinary” in this catalogue’s title is intentional. This catalogue features a singular collection of first edition book-length works by Winston S. Churchill - 55 individual items containing a total of 125 volumes which, together, are one of the finest Churchill first edition collections in the world. This collection was amassed over a period of more than thirty years by a single collector.

Befitting its extraordinary contents, this full-color, profusely illustrated catalogue is 154 pages long, measures 11 x 8.5 inches, is half an inch thick, and weighs nearly two pounds.

The goal of the collection was to acquire truly compelling examples of British and U.S. first editions. A few of the items are merely special. The majority are extraordinary. Some are likely unique. Nearly all would be standouts in any collection. As is our custom, this full-color catalogue features multiple images of each item and extensive, narrative descriptions. These items have stories to tell, and we tell them. As you read, you may find us repeating superlatives; we ran out.

While this catalogue is about far more than signed or inscribed items, 13 of the 55 items herein are significantly signed or inscribed, 9 of these by Churchill. The Churchill signatures span 1900 to 1964, the entire arc of Churchill’s long and storied political career.

The word “compelling” is both intentional and intentionally broad. In some cases, condition was prioritized. That’s why this catalogue includes, for example, the best, jacketed copy of Liberalism and the Social Problem known to survive, and four of the nine total dust jackets known to survive for the British and U.S. first editions of Lord Randolph Churchill. In other cases, association seemed more compelling than condition. Examples include a British first edition of London to Ladysmith via Pretoria inscribed by Churchill on 12 August 1900 while he was campaigning for his first seat in Parliament, and the U.S. first edition of My African Journey, signed and inscribed by Churchill “Uganda is defended by its insects.” In some cases, there is a splendid alignment of both condition and association. Examples include the best first edition set of The River War we have ever seen, which also happens to be the only publisher’s pre-publication review set we have ever seen, and the best jacketed copy of A Roving Commission of which we are aware, inscribed and dated by Churchill in 1931.

Whether to build your own collection or merely to browse, we hope you enjoy this carefully curated presentation of one of the world’s finest collections of Winston S. Churchill’s book-length first editions. Item #007816

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