A Guide to Churchill's Books

A Guide to Churchill's Books

We're here to help Churchill's words find your shelves.

To that end, we have compiled for you a guide to Churchill's book-length published works. Each title in the list below links to one of Churchill's 38 major book-length works (comprising 58 individual volumes). All but one on the list (The Dream) were published in book-length form during Churchill's lifetime.

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Statesman, soldier, war correspondent, ardent social reformer, combative cold warrior, painter - Churchill was many things at different times, but always a writer.

That writing is simply remarkable in scope. Rough numbers tell part of the tale. He published 58 books, 260 pamphlets, and more than 840 feature articles. His speeches fill 9,000 pages. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature. And writing was his part-time job.



A Guide to Churchill's Books


Churchill wrote so much that even just the Bibliography of Churchill's writings required two decades to compile and three volumes and 2,183 pages to publish.


Fortunately for us, Churchill wasn't just a prolific writer, but a damned good one.  All of the sharp wit, incisiveness, rolling cadences, sweeping sense of history, and unusual foresight that marked his life permeate his writing.  In many ways, Churchill's life was writing.  He wrote before he achieved power. He wrote after power passed from his aging hands. Words – evocative, emotional, reasoning, reckoning – were his personal currency and daily essential.



Of course these book-length works are only part of the immense Churchill canon. In the book arena there are other worthwhile stand alone volumes by Churchill, as well as important multi-volume compilations, namely The Collected Essays and His Complete Speeches. We particularly encourage serious readers and collectors to explore pamphlet and article publications as well, which present some truly compelling, rare, and interesting collecting and reading opportunities.

For any questions about any works by and about Churchill, always feel free to inquire with us directly or browse our extensive inventory. In the meantime, we hope you find the guide to Churchill's book-length works useful and informative.